Fall 2015 (V. 31, No. 1)

The Miracle Question: The Islamic ideal through the prism of Senegalise Sufi Brotherhoods

by R.S. (Kip) Wotkyns III
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Abstract: The biggest news story in journalism for the past two decades has been chronicling the rise of radical Islamic terrorism. But, what do Muslims want? What would the world be like if they achieved their goals? If Muslims went to sleep one magical night and a miracle occurred, what would their ideal world be like upon awakening? What if all the problems were gone? I posed the “miracle question” to Sufi Islamic scholars, marabouts, disciples of Sufi Brotherhood orders, the Tijaniyyah, the Mourides and the Layene Brotherhoods in Senegal, West Africa in June 2015. I asked them to envision how the future would be different if the Sufi Islamic ideal was achieved. This research uses narrative inquiry to examine the endgame of Islam.

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Hazy habits: What kinds of news do young people want?

by: Cody L. Armstrong, University of North Texas
Melinda J. McAdams, University of Florida
Jason Cain, University of Florida

Abstract: Based in the climate of a digital culture, this study examines what kinds of news young adults seek, enjoy and share. Employing an online survey, respondents answered whether they enjoyed or avoided news stories from a list of 12 general categories of news. Sharing habits based on preference for these categories were examined as well. Findings indicated a clear separation between preferences for hard or soft news and that respondents were more likely to share news stories related to topics they enjoyed. Results also indicated that young adults enjoyed a variety of news and that satirical sources had little influence on enjoyment or avoidance.

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